About Gold Coast Business Week Online

How can we work together to adapt, reset and grow in a changing world? This is the theme for Gold Coast Business Week Online (GCBW20).

In line with this year’s theme, we’re adapting by introducing a completely virtual experience that will open up more opportunities for everybody to connect with potential leads, identify business prospects and access best-practice recovery and adaptation resources, including access to local private-business advisory firm, KPMG Enterprise.

To ensure you get the most out of GCBW20, access to the resources from the event will be available on demand for 30 days following the event.

 And, this year, the City of Gold Coast is bringing this event to you completely free of charge to support local businesses.

Event highlights

KPMG Workshops:
Local Gold Coast private-business advisory firm, KPMG Enterprise, will be delivering a series of free group workshops where you can discuss your individual business challenges and get help in setting a road map for recovery and growth.

If you want more personalised business insights, register for Reset and Grow where you can discuss your individual challenges and get help in setting a road map for recovery and growth. To participate, select ‘Reset and Grow’ in the interests section when you register.

Virtual Exhibition Hall:
Learn about local products and supply chains and make new business connects as Gold Coast businesses showcase their products and services in the Virtual Exhibition Hall. Registrations are currently open for Gold Coast businesses looking to hold a trade booth. Click here to register your booth.

Live presentation and key speakers:
Listen to presentations from key speakers on a range of topics that cover actionable, best-practice survival, recovery and adaptation strategies for your business.See the full schedule below. To attend one of these sessions, simply register for the event and you will be provided with exclusive access to the virtual platform ahead of the event.

Business matching and supply-chain connections:
Take part in this free exchange of ideas and best-practice learnings in resilience-focused skills, jobs, supply chains, product innovation and strategies.This virtual experience is designed to connect you with other local businesses to enhance your traditional supply chain with new, local buyers and sellers.
To participate in targeted business matching, register to attend the event and make sure to visit the exhibition hall.

Event Programme

Monday 9 November 2020 - 'ADAPT'

 8:00 AM


10:00 AM

Mayor's Welcome to Gold Coast Business Week

Mayor Tom Tate City of Gold Coast
12:00 PM

From Garage to Global

Rosa-Clare Willis & Andrew Ford Co-Founders, Crockd
Learn tips from the founders on how a Gold Coast side hustle accelerated into a global brand. 
With a mission to create a world of limitless potential through fearless creativity, Crockd provides ‘at-home’ pottery experiences. Join this session to hear more about
  • How to build a unique brand that scales
  • How to leverage modern technology to grow your business
  • How to disrupt a global industry from your Gold Coast garage
  • Leveraging remote teams, simple software stacks and emerging start-up strategies
 2:00 PM

KPMG - Financial Resilience

Richard Cooper Associate Director, KPMG Enterprise
This is a fundamental first step in order to adapt your business and be ready for what is next. 
Join us to learn more about:
  • Government stimulus – what’s available? How to secure it? What it means for your business?
  • Cashflow – where is it?, where it is coming from? and where it is going?
  • Your financial plan – responding to the ‘what happens if?’ and the ‘what happens when?’
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse – indicators of your financial health

Wednesday 11 November 2020 - 'RESET'

10:00 AM

'Trash to Treasure'  

Cameron McKenzieCEO, Aspire
Find out how Gold Coast businesses can get revenue out of their skip bins! 
ASPIRE is a matchmaking tool for material resource exchange based on the methodology and algorithm for engaging/supporting all sized businesses by introducing Circular Economy activities with sustainable outcomes.
The platform is available FREE to local businesses through the City of Gold Coast's support program.
12:00 PM

The 12 Marketing Matters...that Matter Most! 

Andrew BaxterSenior Advisor, Non-Executive Director and Chairman.
Through his various roles, Andrew meets with over 200 CEO’s, Board Directors and CMO’s each year, giving him a unique perspective on the marketing matters that matter. In this year’s Covid affected landscape, there are twelve marketing and communications topics that Andrew is consistently being asked about. Some are new given Covid as well as the rapid rise of digital technology, but some are marketing fundamentals that are in danger of being forgotten or ignored. Essential and engaging, this discussion helps businesses unlock the growth power of marketing today and into the future.
2:00 PM

KPMG - Operational Resilience

Melanie Leis Partner, KPMG Enterprise
More than ever it's important to move with the times and to be flexible.
Learn how best to adapt to a number of current operational challenges affecting:
  • Your people
  • Scaling up and down – levers you can pull to ‘right size’ operations
  • Accelerate change and not being left behind – what and how you have done things will need to change (e.g. technology, operational practices, people, leadership)

Friday 13 November 2020 - 'GROW'

10:00 AM

Choose your own eCommerce Adventure

Raj de SouzaFounder & CEO, Export Accelerator.
Micro strategies that make a winning ecommerce website.
The session will consists of 3 virtual breakout themes. At the end of each theme you will be able to choose the next, most relevant topic that suits the current stage of your ecommerce journey. Your customer has a choice when they visit your website, and so should you, through this session. The breakout themes will cover:
  • Your website architecture
  • Your web customer
  • Your Sales
 12:00 PM

KPMG - Commercial Resilience

Adam Twemlow Partner in Charge, KPMG Queensland
What do we need to stop doing? Start doing? And what should we be doing more of?  
This is an important session touching on the vital aspects to grow your commercial operations. Learn about:
  • Your customers – their expectations and what they value
  • Suppliers and other commercial partners – a rewarding relationship
  • Longevity and leadership
2:00 PM

The Power of Perspective

Michael Crossland Executive Coach, Humanitarian, International best-selling Author
What separates successful & unsuccessful people?
Join Michael and learn how to choose to stay above the line, how to choose to be optimistic through challenging times, and how to choose to grab your oar and navigate your life in the direction you want to take it!

You won't want to miss this session and you'll be sure to be moved as Michael will share his remarkably inspiring story. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can attend GCBW, however, the event is specifically designed for local businesses, and/or those businesses wishing to engage with others on the Gold Coast. Jobseekers, procurement managers and product buyers are also recommended to attend.
GCBW 2020 is a completely virtual, online event. You can participate anywhere that you have internet access. The event is accessible from desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
GCBW 2020 is scheduled for 9 – 13 November, 2020. Some parts of the virtual event will be exclusively available during the event, , however all recorded content will be available on-demand until the 13th of December.
GCBW 2020 will focus on helping businesses adapt to changing economic conditions and tap into many of the opportunities and ongoing support tools and resources available to local businesses.

If you are interested in any of the following, GCBW 2020 is for you:
  • new or emerging supply chain connections
  • business development workshops (KPMG)
  • free business & industry services via employment & advertising platform
  • networking and business matching
  • mental health and resilience seminars
  • digital city assets & insights
  • e-commerce development
  • investment opportunities.
Businesses and attendees will be able to engage with a range of guest speakers and City representatives. Additionally, businesses hosting booths within the Exhibition Hall can network directly with attendees and other businesses through direct messaging, group chats and other social networking features.
$0.00. Zero. Nothing. Nada.
Gold Coast Business Week is FREE to both attendees and exhibitors. Exhibitors will however need to apply to ensure they qualify and meet eligibility criteria for free space in the virtual exhibition hall.
Yes. Businesses with products or services to display, those wishing to meet potential buyers/seller or wishing to connect with job seekers can all take advantage of FREE exhibitor space in the virtual hall.
Yes. The virtual conference supports both group and one-on-one chat functionality and meetings. Clients/Customers can also be directed to personal emails or external meeting platforms.
No. You do not need to download or install any software to participate. You only need to have access to the internet.
Yes. The event is available on all platforms provided your device has web browsing capabilities.
No. Some exhibitors and businesses may support the ability to facilitate video chat with buyers or to answer general enquires, however it is not required in order to participate.
  • Attend feature presentations and key note speeches.
  • Visit the City’s new jobs platform and eMarketplace.
  • Network with other local businesses looking to match buyers/sellers.
  • Chat with attendees and exhibitors in the virtual ‘Lounge’
Yes. Similar to a ‘cart’, you will be able to add documents to your ‘swag bag’ and then email them to yourself.
A swag bag is a virtual briefcase where you can save documents from a booth. You can access files in your swag bag for two weeks after the event and email them to yourself or others.
There is LIVE support and information available during Business Week.
Yes. GCBW is open to all attendees. Those wishing to take advantage of the exhibition space to present products or services must pre-qualify.
Yes, the content will remain available on demand for 30 days after the event, however if you wish to participate in the live-chat, you will need to attend the presentation or trade booth at the advertised session time
The on-demand content will be hosted for 30 days following the event.